No Smoking Day

out of the blue

Hi there everyone,

Just realised ive been posting and havent introduced myself properly - how rude! Im just at the end of first week after quit (using champix) thought i was doing soooo well - until today! Had a few drinks with mates last night but STUPIDLY (realise that now :o) allowed the smokers to smoke in the garden room. Not too much of a problem until this morning when i went to clean up and found untouched cig just lying there in ashtray. :( Got a massive craving but luckily threw it straight in the bin with the dock ends! However rest of the day its been on my mind and im ashamed to say this but was actually considering picking it out of the bin to smoke!!! How sad is that?!! In the end i had to throw leftover dinner on top to avoid temptation - im so ashamed. :o Just goes to show you have to be on your guard and not get too complacent (sp?) about this quitting business!

p.s. this site is brill! Great advice off everyone - really helps :)

thanks, Mel.

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Good on you for not giving in in the face of temptation, and I dont think ur sad as not so long ago I would prob of even scraped the dinner off it dried it out and still had a go at smoking it! lol :D

ahhh never mind these things are sent to try us, we will all get ther in the end, quitting is a bumpy road. :)



Cheers charlene, think your right, now that would have been sad! lol


Hiya mel x x

haaha you threw yourself in at the deep end :p but .......

you never smoked during that time, your thoughts came as an after thought! and you quashed them!

Your amazing! you jumped a hurdle , do not feel bad x x

Quitting = will power

You have that power x you did great!


Thanks Buffy! Next time they can smoke outside an chuck the fag ends straight in the wheelie bin - hopefully i won't be rifling through that - might fall in ! lol :D


ROFL Mels legs a wiggling out the top *help!*

Omg you not got a two weekly collection there have you :eek:

~Buffy x x


Bloody temptation eh!:rolleyes:

When up finished up at work on Friday, I was having a quick tidy up for the weekend staff. Too my horror!:eek: My young assistant had left a roll up on the counter (Probably for on his way home). I wasn't tempted, Just really annoyed:mad: that he had left this temptation sitting there. Straight away, I ripped it up and threw it in the bin just incase any temptation surfaced.

Best thing to do I reckon! Destroy it so its unsmokable before it destroys me!

BTW he had already left when I found it! I didn't rip it up in front of him.

I'm not that kind of reformed smoker! hehehe:D


Good advice!

Will deffo rip up any more i come across so i dont cause myself any more trauma! :D


Wowzers, I have to say barney I dont think I could take that approach at my work as even if the they had left for home they would prob still remember for monday and Id get my head kicked in! lol :D

Good on you though for beating temptation to a bloody pulp! ;)



Hey peeps!

Just wanted to say today has been a much better day than yesterday :)

Clouds have lifted and starting to feel a bit normal again :D

Hope everyone else doing ok, i know school hols can be hard!


Well done on your first week Mel.

I know what it's like when friend leave cigarettes lying around! I've taken fags out of the bin before!

Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully each day will get better and better - It's great being a non smoker!


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