No Smoking Day
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Feeling like a non smoker finally!

I am soooo happy right now! Day 32 since my last fag and been nicotine free now for 17 of them days! Im going to stop counting days because tbh I rarely think oh ive quit! and i forgot what day i was on until i counted on the calender lol

I do sometimes think 'i miss smoking' but i embrace it and accept it rather than try and fight it. Overall though i was laying in bed last night and i do feel like a non smoker now, the physical cravings, 99% have gone. Only when I get super annoyed I might crave one. The only time i think I want to smoke is when thinking about my waist line, which ive put on 3lbs so far and im bunged up so i look bigger! but then my skins nicer, i feel better and im sure one day ill be ready to diet and lose this weight so what the point in lighting up? none at all!

Any newbies out there hang on, does get alot better even after a few weeks! I cant even imagin how much i WONT miss fags when i get to the year mark!

Peace out xx

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Well done Nikki you are going great guns it's so exciting being free from an evil horrible drug.


Awwww well done Nikki!! Your doing amazing :)


month 1 was easier to keep track of the days cos the scale of the forums day 1 day 2 day 3 week 1 week2 week 3 etc. now its all month 2. but regardless... we've made it here and thats the main thing.

lol I so know what you mean! I keep losing track on the amount of days, so keep counting 31 for October and adding Novembers on! Ive give up now! lol


Nope no spray at all :D had no nicotine now or 18 days! wowee! Tbh that fact i remember but i dont remember how many days i did before that!? weird that! I think ill count from my nicotine free days as I have felt like a non smoker since that time. but hey whos counting!?

I know what you mean about thinking 'just one' and that 'ah why not' thought. I think because we havent had any physicaly cravings for awhile we have forgotten the pull and think we will feel the same as now after that one fag. we must remember we wont!! too many time have i had the first puff to realise as soon as it hit my lungs i was a addict again...and theres nothing you can do about it!

Im going out with the folks from my uni class for a christmas thing on 14th decemeber. Now i was ok drinking with my crutches eg spray but i have never ever drank without ANYTHING! :eek: I must admit im abit nervous, i really dont want that horrible craving to hit me. what a shame if i smoked that close to my goal of christmas! I just keep telling myself 'india in april then you wont care about fags!'

Oh and mum is annoying me. She keeps saying she gonna quit when her duty frees are gone..and now its 'oohh i cant gain weight i cant gain weight' i said well your gonna...sos! It just annoys me because stop lying to yourself! you cant even quit in your imaginiation thats a problem! ah really annoys me, lucky i dont want to 'do it together' anymore! feeling hyper tonight :D my old ADHD type symptoms comes back as a non odd! xx


This is great to hear Nikki, so so pleased for you!


i second what max says ... plan what u will do if a thought comes in with its full of eastern promise crap, and its christmas. i deserve one .....


Well done Nikki,you are doing great and I am sure that you will be fine on your night out too:)


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