No Smoking Day
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What other people think!!

Day 16 and doing ok, still having odd associations but working through them but have been really amused about the assumptions my colleagues have made over the last few days, they have all decided I must be pregnant!!! Ok I have stopped smoking, gained weight, eat everything in site, swapped to decaf tea as I was keeping myself awake and have been a tad grouchy!!! I can see why they have jumped to the pregnant conclusion but it's funny!!! :p

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It's lovely to read that quitting has a funny side to it! :) I can also see why they think you are pregnant....are you going to let them keep thinking that? You could be a "lady of mystery"! :D

It's so nice that they've noticed your quit, too. Are they smokers or non-smokers?



PS You're not, are you? :eek::D


Combination of smokers and non smokers!! I don't think they will believe me anyway so may well develop the air of mystery! It is really nice that they have noticed and have all been really supportive...apart from thinking I'm pregnant!

As to the last question, how do I start that mystery lady persona...



You must look great then debbieh if they thought you were pregnant :)

Think the gym may be beckoning and I need to buy healthy food!!!


I've been eating roughly my own weight in snacks and sweets for the last couple of months and all the weight seems to have settled around my middle so I really do look pregnant - sad thing is that only maternity clothes fit me too :rolleyes:


Jenninegs I am the same if I had maternity clothes I would have them on! Have to say though I almost feel proud of my belly as it reminds me that I've stopped smoking and I'm very proud of that! Xx


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