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No Smoking Day
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2 calendar months today!

Happy halloween!

Its a good one for me only treats and no tricks post ditching the stinkysticks. 2 months today, yeehar - ride that non smoking hoss cowgal!!! Pretty pleased so far with the fitness. Lack of cravings or even thinking about them!

Have been out drinking, no smokes, been upset, no smokes.

Mmmmm goodstuffs.

Big warm hugs to all xx

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Well done on two whole months. Feels great doesn't it?:D


Cheesy Griiin!

It sure does Una!

Its feeling pretty special right now.

At the moment it seems like a lot longer than 2 months since i smoked, i smelled a colleagues breath today.... Ewwww! That smokey halitosis kind of pong... a heghtened sense of smell is not always good LOL!!!

Glad its not me still.... *breathes sweetly and niff free*



Just carved my pumpkin and his BIG mono-toothed grin is just for you Zozzles. Don't worry.......he's not at all scary......well.....apart from being a sort of big orange head with no body.....he's not scary at all :) He....and me......are delighted for you. Happy Halloween. x


Monotoothed Grinzzz

Awww Dipsyeggsyboo's!

I feel honoured that my mono toothed grin has been encapsulated in your pet pumpkin on this special and spooky day! :D

Give the orange me a big kiss from me! LOL

Love Zozzles xx


Well done darling very VERY proud of you...




Well done Zozie, you have done really well and with a big grin all the way through.:D


Zozie. My fellow Olympian

2 months, a big well done to you my love. You are a star:)

Fi x


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