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Week 8

I'm posting a little early but at 11.30 tonight I enter week 8. I can't believe how fast it has went this time. It was a day into week 8 that I fell in my last major quit so it has caused some nerves but it has also given me a determination to get further, which I will do. A great deal of my getting to this point again is the support on this forum so thank you all for helping me get here.

Here's to the next 8 weeks!:D:D:D

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My Mark

Right, you got this!!!!!! Way to go:)

Fi x


Yes! Great!

That's the spirit.

You seem really determined so here's to the next 8 smoke-free weeks!:D


*Raises glass* :)

Congratulations Mark, and a huge well done for reaching week 8!

I'm sure you must be a little nervous about what is going to happen over the next few days, but you totally have this quit and it's important not to focus too much on the past. Instead try to focus on this amazing achievement! :D


Congrats Mark :D


Well done Mark you can do it this time...think my last quit failed at 8wks and with in a fortnight I was doing really well with my smoking at 20 a day....xx


Hi Mark,

Well done on getting into week 8 :D

You're still with us so you've got past the length of the last quit. It proves that this is THE ONE for you! I hope you feel full of pride. Here's to you marching into the month 3 room in just a few days time! :D

Molly x


8 weeks is awesome Mark. You have got back on to this quit and stuck with it. I know that took guts because you were feeling so bad when you slipped that Saturday night and you could easily have thrown the towel in but you didn't and here you are 8 weeks smoke free.WELL DONE!:)


Sorry i missed this :o

Just wanted to say



you are doing brilliantly and as always supporting others as you go along :)

so are you doing panto this year and if so what role are you playing?

sending hugs your way (((*)))




I am doing panto Carol. We are doing Babes in the Wood. At this point I am playing two roles, both the comic duo. I am doing one of the roles for one show and the other role the remainder of my casts shows. Tho this could all change lol. This was only decided tonight. And I wonder why I feel scizophrenic hahaha.


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