WOW WEE 3 years tomorrow

Dont seem possible that its been that long since i quit

ive had over that time on afew occasions when i could have started to smoke again and given myself perfect valid reasons to just do that especially with some of the health and personal issues ive had :(

but coming on here rereading my reasons and posts from newbies refreshing my mind as to what will happen if i did and what it will achieve whenever i needed a stark reminder

which is letting myself down and doing more harm to my body

its not the magic wand that a part of my mind that smoking monster inside me who is there lurking thinks

its certainly not going to help in anyway as im still going to have those issues regardless

no way was i going to give him the control back over my life no way was i going to become a disgusting smelly addict again

i know if i would not have stayed smoke free for as long if it hadnt been for this place and some of the amazing people that have been a constant support and shown me the light in educating myself to why we smoke and how to keep quit and thats to take one day at a time and be vigilant to those thoughts and to remember that one will lead to another and then it wilbe come apart of my life again

The continued support of my online family helps keeps me focused and even though i a may be abit of an addict to finding silly cat pics :p :rolleyes::) its one im happy to be

im a cat addict and im proud to be one :D

So just want to say Thank you to all my friends you dont realise how much you have helped me to stay free and to stay focused

sending hugs to you all



now for the stats

tomorrow i have been quit 3 years and havent smoked 17824 ciggies

and saved over £18000 if not more as i would normally pick up a drink or choccy bar or lottery scratch cards orrr all 3 depending on how lucky or peckish i was feeling

how scary are those figures

hmmm well most of the money was spent on my wonderful grandsons :) and special treats for me in the way of crystals :D

here are afew pics that have helped me to get through some of the bad days along with silly cat pics obviously :rolleyes:

oh and im posting this today just in case that storm is as bad as predicted and my internet goes of again :eek:

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  • Fantastic achievement by a fantastic lady. 3 years is just brilliant, always there for everyone, but you have helped me sooooo much Carol, I cannot thank you enough! So pleased for you, onwards and upwards for you now ha ha.xxxx:):):)

  • I am bowing in awe, and sending a bouquet of thanks for all that you do for us novices in the world of ex-smokers.


    Yes it is scary nearly 18,000 cigs ! When you really think what you could have smoked IT IS ****** SCARY !

    I salute you too the fact it is long and you regularly post.. That is very very loyal and it's reasons for people like yourself that I am successful in my quit !

    I love cats, love your pics....but I also love dogs ?!?!?!?!? ha ah ha..


  • These posts show exactly the kind of feelings people have for your on the forum Carol. You are our crazy cat lady and the forum would not be the same without you.

    You give hope, help and massive support to everyone on the forum and I am sure you have helped many numbers of now non smokers. I know when I was away from the forum I missed the cat pics.

    Carol, you are an inspiration and you deserve to be celebrating this incredible achievement. Anyone who is wondering whether they can actually do this long term can look to you and know that this is what they can become. Well done doesn't even cover it.

  • Carol, three years quit and still a central member of this forum? That shows not only an example of a great quit but also a selfless character who still takes the time to post.....thank you, I don't know how else to say it ;) x

  • Carol

    Hugs right back at you:). Well done on 3 amazing years, it's a fab achievement, one I hope to achieve too!!!! You are always so supportive and encouraging of others Carol, and to still be an active member shows you are indeed a very selfless lady. Your family must be so proud of you Carol.

    The amount of cash saved is just, well, incredulous, I seem to remember Austin? had a brilliant Thread headed 'I smoked a House'

    And the cat pics, although a dog lover, the pics still raise a smile Carol!!!

    Fi x

  • thank you all so much

    :o oh my ive had to reread the beautiful responses afew times as i kept having tears welling up in my eyes

    Thank you so much for them i know the members that helped me through rough times dont really come on here as often as smoking is not part of there lives anymore which is the same for me but because of the amazing friends i have found on here if i didnt keep coming on and trying my best to help i would feel lost as this place and you help keep to give me some focus so thank you again for helping me to keep my quit

    i know for many you didnt know the wonderful David (Davo) who every day posted a daily joke regardless of how he was feeling and i remember him telling me that it helped him to give out laughs giggles and even groans i feel the same way as well as helping anyone that struggles i still miss his pressence on here his sense of humour and the support i had from him

    again Thank you for those lovely words



  • Well done Carol what an achievement.......xxxx

  • Well done Carol - you are a star :D


  • Three years today.......... I can hear you purring from here....... So happy for you. Well done


  • What they all said^^!!!! So pleased to witness this, would have liked to have seen your first anniversary Carol and sincerely hope to see your fifth, this is spectacular stuff from an amazing lady. Well done!

  • As a new starter Carol, just wanted to say what an inspiration!! Thank you so much for posting this, it's posts like this that i will come back to when i'm feeling at a low point.

    3 years - really fantastic - well done!!!


  • omg


    im welling up again reading these lovely replies :o

    thank you once again

    as a treat

    the cakes are on me


    ive picked some of my fav animals wish i could hold my hand up and say i made them all ;)

    but i didnt but got me lusting after cakes now :rolleyes:


  • Great achievement Carol :cool:

  • I prefer cakes to cats.

    Actually I prefer most things to cats, except maybe projectile vomiting...

    Hearty congratulations on your fantastic achievement.

    I look forward to seeing more of your cats and I promise not to vomit on them.



  • 3 years?

    Wow, just wow! :cool:

    Keep it going Carol! :D

  • Wow Carol!

    Do you know, I worked out last week that it was coming up 3 years for you and then I didn't notice the date yesterday. Its my age :o

    Congratulations petal, you are an amazing lady and I count you as a friend.

    I hope you had a lovely day and celebrated your loveliness?

    Molly x

  • Wow Carol!

    Do you know, I worked out last week that it was coming up 3 years for you and then I didn't notice the date yesterday. Its my age :o

    Congratulations petal, you are an amazing lady and I count you as a friend.

    I hope you had a lovely day and celebrated your success?

    Molly x

  • I prefer cakes to cats.

    Actually I prefer most things to cats, except maybe projectile vomiting...

    Hearty congratulations on your fantastic achievement.

    I look forward to seeing more of your cats and I promise not to vomit on them.





    thanks for that Austin i know they are not to everyones cup of tea but cant please everyone :rolleyes:

    and also thanks to eveyone else again for posting on here i have noticed that quitting in october seems to have alot more people keeping there quits especially over the last few years and staying quit you only need to look at the october 2011 group to see how many have got to 2 years i know for many long term quitters they stop coming on here

    the good news :p or bad news :eek: depending on how you look at it


    im here to stay


  • Congratulations

    CongCATulations Carol on a magnificent achievement & for all of the support you give to the forum.

  • That's reall amazing Carol, huge well done to you!!

    It's fab to see, and lovely to still have you on here being so supportive and with your lovley pics too :D


  • Magic - well done :)

  • Thanks for the pic Nonico :D

    and thanks for the well wishes too it does mean alot :) x

    great to see you Netti and for your kind words :o x

    again thank you all

  • I'm really pleased for you Carol. You really are awesome. A consistent tower of strength and support on this forum. I for one am glad your still here .

    Mash x

  • CONGRATS CAROL I am so pleased for you. You quit around the same time as me and its lovely to see another of our Oct 2010 group still smoke free.

    Big CONGRATS to a really lovely lady. I too miss Davo, he was there for me at the start too and i may not be around much anymore which is good as it goes to show that this group really helped me as it has done so many and now i only need to nip in every so often but all the best Carol this site would not be the same without you.

    LOL xx

  • Grateful

    Thank you so much Carroll I find it very encouraging it fills me with hope three years is a wonderful achievement.:)

  • Yay, go Carol!!! I'm so happy to see you posting on your 3-year achievement!!!

    I started my quit soon after Carol. She was a great support to me throughout my quit, always being positive and having a great sense of humour.

    Sometimes we don't really express ourselves in the moment, perhaps because it seems silly to be thanking someone for helping you through the next day and the day after that, but looking back I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Carol for being there for me and everyone else during all those times.


  • A little late but congrats Carol :)

  • Oh wow, that's great stuff Carol, well done you, those stats are scary!! As people before me have said, you're a fantastic part of the forum, encouraging everybody with a positive word, I know personally when I joined you were one of the first to welcome me and it's this warm supportive community which keeps you, me and many others quit.

    Plus I love the cat pics!!!

  • Thank you for the lovely messages :)

    im sorry im abit late in getting back to you :o

    Soo happy to see you Bella :) i do hope your keeping well you have been missed x

  • So sorry I missed this post Carol.

    Massive Congratulations on your fantastic achievement.

    Good to hear that all is well with you.

    Sending love to you, Mr Grey Badger and the rest of his furry friends

    (hope I've managed to get his name right lol)


  • :)

    So good to hear from you Evie and yep you have got his name right well thats the name i use when he has been naughty :p the rest of the time he is just called Mr Grey :D

    now dont be a stranger

    sending hugs your way xx

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