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Week 5

I haven't been on for a little while, but Im still here and still going strong. At the end of tonight its been 5 weeks since I put a ciggie in my mouth.

Ive cut down on the e juice, which is a good thing, Ive ordered some nicotine free juice, I still like the puffing action so the plan is only to have the nicotine juice when it gets desperate.

The last couple of days Ive been getting the urge for a real smoke but Ive managed to get through these moments. Working on the service desk helps. When I see people spending £80 or more on 200 cigs I just think Nooooooooo! Im not paying that again. So something that could be a hindrance to my quit is actually a help.

So.....anyway........good luck to one and all on your quit, stick at it and don't go back to giving the death stick all that power over you.

Lillie xxx

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That's great going 5 weeks, yes it takes focus and determination to keep quit.

Your well on your way so keep going , I find this forum fab, loads of tips and encouragement, and doesn't that help. (Well it doe me )

Congrats my lovely well done:):)


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