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afternoon all

and its day 31, going to try the 1 tab a day as alot of folk have with champix, as still got a few issues (actually its the one big issue), bit piddled off as here i sit waiting for the wow factor with the good skin after quitting smoking to arise and looks like its not going happen just been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis (what a bu**er) omg i itch so bad :(

hope everyone is okey dokey.... and thanks for messages on last thread :) im trying allsorts, and now trying apple cider vinegar... if that don't work... i will just do the cider :D

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Well done on 31 Days, Spooks! Cutting back the Champix should reduce your errrr,ummm, symptoms. :) I reduced mine to half a tablet once a day, but have to say it wasn't enough and I've gone back to a whole one a day. As my worst thing was the nightmares, I take it in the morning, and it seems to be working......I haven't had the nightmares since. So, if you are more worried about the effects during the daytime, it might be better to take it in the evening, and if you're more worried about having the side effects during the night, then maybe take it in the morning.

So sorry to hear about your skin. Whereabouts is it? You don't have to answer that, by the way! Skin problems can be miserable can't they? I hope you manage to get it under control.




Hi Val

I too have some really odd nightmares, though sometimes ive woken and think damn i really need to see where n how that ended!!

The skin issue is so far only on scalp and face, so i can wear a hat or a balaclava lol :D

How are you getting on?? :)


:( Hi Spooks, I'm so sorry to hear about the dermatitis, I used to get it when I worked in a warehouse but mainly on my hands, it looked like I was wearing knobbly gloves and I used to scratch until I bled, I have episodes of eczema and acne on my scalp and face sometimes, lovely combo as the treatment which helps one aggravates the other. Have you tried antihistamines, I found they really helped with the itching, apple cider vinegar should help too as this helps with the yeast/acid balance of the skin. My quack has also given me betacap, it's a liquid steroid which I use on my scalp and that really helps with the itching too. For more instant relief, put a very slightly damp towel in the freezer for 10 minutes then wrap around your head, not glam but the coolness should feel really good. Keep your chin up and if all else fails, freeze the balaclava before you put it on then get so sozzled you feel nowt;)


Hi Jen thanks for some sound advice... how do you use your cider vinegar what ratio to water, and ive heard that a diluted rinse helps with scalp issue, i seem to itch like mad when im too hot so will try the towel thing, funny i used to get it on my hands when i was younger, then nothing until now, doc has only given me a shampoo to use at mo and said come back if it doesn't work.

It seems to me that ACV has a lot of uses, going to go and snoop :)

speak soon


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