No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Hey everyone

I thought I should join the team here.

First of all, good job to all of you trying so hard to quit. I'm sure it'll

work out perfectly well.

I'm on day 4 and still quit. I've also joined the gym and changed my diet.

Have to admit though that I'm not super confident about it since it's not

my first attempt.

Anyway, for the time being I'm doing good and I keep reminding myself of

all the benefits of not smoking. Also, I haven't given cigarettes too

much thinking. Hope every day is like this.

Keep it up everybody.

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Hi as of yesterday some on this forum said. To me, Just keep going and gong and going, and may be that's a good way to look at our quits,

Your doing great:) well done nearly a week, brilliant,


Thanks for the support everyone! I trully appreciate it.

Debbieh I just went cold turkey and so far so good.:)

Today is a fine day, I even ran a few miles at the gym which felt awesome.

Tracey I agree. Facing just a day (or even moments) at a time is much easier.

Yesterday was a friend's birthday so I had to join the party. There weren't many people but all of them smoked. It was like dodging bullets but I made it.:cool:

Not saying that I didn't want to smoke cause that would be a BIG FAT LIE. I just keep trying...



Welcome to the Forum. Please don't think about failed quits, I'm sure we've all been thee, I know I have!

Focus on this new journey, my advice, baby steps, please don't look too far ahead and get your mind in a good place. As each day passes you'll gain confidence, promise:)

Fi x


I hear ya felic2012. What is it with this thing really?

It's officially day 5 now and I too feel a bit jerky. There is another

feeling that very much resembles drowsiness but it's not exactly that.

Hmmm strange. Also, other people's smoke today gives me a headache, it's quite irritating.

What about the rest of you? What sort of feelings do you have?

Would love to know what more to expect. I know it won't be the same for each and everyone here but it's nice to share.


Hey Xara, It sounds like this is your first attempt?? dont know if im wrong. Your doing amazing if it is so well done!

Tbh Those of us who have tried to quit a few times will have different things to expect on everyone of those quits! Even for one person, every quit is different. Thats my experience. Only thing you CAN expect is that you will crave at times you didnt think you would, and be fine in situations where you think you will struggle so just prepare for that one as it throws you abit!

well done again and keep running, means you can eat more if you like lol :D xx


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