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Good Morning All (into week 6 today)

Morning everyone, today I move into week six of my cold trukey quit. Its been very emotional and more than I expected. I was wondering if anyone can offer advice. The cravings seem to have slowed in frequency and intensity but for some reason I cannot seem to lift my mood of the floor. Has anyone else experienced this and did it last for very long?

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Hi there, firstly well done for reaching 6 weeks!!! In think many of us have suffered some mood swings/depression at various times during our quits. I hit rock bottom around 6-8 weeks. Everything upset me and I couldn't find happiness anywhere! However it did pass (within a week from memory) and now here I am with 6 months under my belt feeling amazingly happy!! I still get cravings from time to time - but they aren't real (I know I don't want to smoke).

I really hope you feel a bit happier soon. Keep posting here - it really helped me during my dark time.



thanks all, your support and advice is appreciated


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