Approaching the end of another day, perhaps the toughest one yet. Not because of anything physical, but because of my stupidity. It was a bad night, tossing and turning all night. When I woke up, though, I was less foggy than on day 2.

My stupidity is that I've done this whole quit thing without much forethought, almost on a whim, at a time I knew was going to be stressful. My lesson for the day: don't quit when you know you're in the process of relocating to a foreign country; don't quit when you know you'll have to deal with government folk who don't speak your language and are from another culture. Boy, a ciggie would have felt good! Nope, it would have tasted of defeat.

But hey, I've survived so far. Can't get much worse, can it?!

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  • Brilliant

    There is never a good time to stop people can always find a reason to pick another day, but the truth is the right time is NOW as you are proving you have stopped smoking even with the difficulties you face so congratulations and I wish you all the success in the World

  • Thank you, Rex. I still feel stupid though!

  • You're right!

    But hey, I've survived so far. Can't get much worse, can it?!

    So true! This is the roughest time. It gets better every day, even if it does seem to be so incremental that you don't notice it. Read ahead a little bit. Look at the 3 week and one month rooms and you'll see that while people are still struggling, they are finding more peace and are getting happier each day. Hang in there and get through this! It doesn't really take that long.

  • Well done for getting through that, for someone who quit on a whim you are doing amazingly well, I bet you deal with everything in life with such gusto. Good on you :D

  • Thanks all. I would be having a much harder time were it not for this forum. I can whine, I can read about what others have gone through and I get all this support from you wonderful people!

  • Today is always a good day to stop no matter what else is happening. I suffer from severe clinical depression and was in a depressive cycle when I decided to stop, like you it was on a whim.

    Not for one day have I regretted it.

    If you really want this you will do it no matter what life throws at you, and if you can get rid of something that has you hooked, at a time in your life when your stress levels are high, just think what you can do when life is easier.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Lillie x

  • Thank you for the kind words, Lillie. What you face really puts my small issues into perspective. Thank you for that.

    May your quit last forever!

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