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Weight gain?


After just over 6 weeks I have managed to put on over half a stone .Just wondered if everyone is going through this and how much weight the long term quitters have put on? Tried to go for a run last night and after the abuse my body has taken due to smoking my fitness levels were terrible and I nearly knocked myself out with my recently enhanced man boobs !

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Hey Howard :)

I'd say I put on just under a stone in around 6 months. Then I started Slimming World and managed to lose 10lbs. Unfortunately, due to having an op recently, I've gone and piled 6 pounds back on in the last three weeks! :eek: But I've just had my first visit back to Slimming World and am ready to get a bit more strict with what I choose to eat.

I found replacing smoking with snacks was my way of dealing with quitting at first, so try not to be too hard on yourself if you're gaining a little weight. It'll be much easier to shift that excess than it would be to go through a quit again!

Well done, keep plodding!!

A few pounds here and there is nothing Sarah Lou when you counter-balance it with a significantly higher level of happiness :D all in good time, it'll all settle down and hope the op was ok?

Howard my peak weight gain was around 18lbs, :o all muscle though ( yeh right )!

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

I put on over two stone in the first year quit. Over 3 month I have lost that two stone. I plan on losing an extra stone before Christmas cause I was probably carrying a little extra before giving up.

While I was in the early stages I ate and ate. Most of the weight I put on I am sure was in the first couple of months. People made comments but surprisingly most of them were smokers. So were quickly told to get lost.

A friend told me at the time that even if I started smoking I'd just feel crap, be fat and smoking. So why go back knowing it would not make me lose weight overnight.

Keep at it and once you are confident start looking at your weight. When you are proud of your quit and your achievements losing weight is a piece of cake... Well maybe not cake..


I gained around 3 stone in the first year (according to wii fit!!). Bought a bike and weight steadied until I damaged knee ligaments and went on a cruise (lots and lots of lovely food!!), it has crept up a bit, but I am now being sensible with food/beer and will be investigating swimming to ease back into exercise.

"I can just wave my hand and I will attract them" - hahaha, if I could chose a super-skill I'd choose that. "Move, on, these are not the pork scratchings and pickled onions you are looking for..."

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