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Close to a smoke free week!


Day 6 cold turkey and I think I may be losing my mind! I am self employed, which mainly involves me sitting alone all day everyday. Smoking served as a good (brief) break between objectives, and also as a reward scheme to see me through the day. This last week has been fantastic- no smoking and when I get the urge I have several rituals to take me mind off of it; freshening the air with this consignment of dodgy scented candles that require the use of a hob and a pot (due to an absence of wicks). Cutting lemons in half and squeezing all the juice into a glass of boiling water to drink- to help clean my lungs. Transcendental Meditation! Yes- I sit there umming and R-ing until I feel zonked, then listen to Ekhart Tolle talk about the real reasons for my smoking for a while. I make extravagant lunches and have recently started trying my hand at sushi. Press- ups, push- ups, sprint training (to make use of these cleaner lungs) and of course intense and vigorous masturbation.

No smoking- great! However, I am self employed and I have the biggest dead line coming up- Dec 1. Now, with all these activities to take my mind off of smoking, I have done pretty much sod all work, my productivity has gone out of the window. Has anyone on here experienced such a thing?

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Popo725 Years Smoke Free

Oh so very funny. You gotta love yourself first buddy and sounds like your doing that in bucket loads (pun intended).

Sounds like you have some good strategies.

Aw come on, I haven't had my dinner yet. Seriously though most quitters experience real concentration issues in the first few weeks of their quit as you progress you'll find it does become easier to concentrate and crack on with what you're supposed to.

That was something else! I have to admit to....big concentration issues, deadlines looming, reading gossip online, this website, brewing ( first time for everything, especially for a Catalan) but working with other people I think I could see a few raised eyebrows if I employed your rather extreme methods! But hey if it works:rolleyes:

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