No Smoking Day
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major crave

been craving for half an hour now

im so angry at my BF for being an inconsiderate pig. I just want to go to the shop at lunch and buy a deck of 10.

how would this help? The satisfaction?

The feeling of the smoke going down my throat?

Am I feeling this way to spite him?

All I know is I want to smoke and im watching the clock tick until lunch time

i need saving

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No no

Your dong fantastic, why spoil you massive success , it's just testing your strength again, you will feel worse if you give in now, please don,t


Its the Nicodemon

A trap the Nicodemon is so clever it doesn't want to lose you he wants to make you ill and eventually kill you so he sees a weakness and his attack is via your boyfriend clever don't fall for it he wants to kill you.


Cant believe im still craving, usually they only last a few mins!

So stressed :(

I shalt not give in to Nic! got to be strong!



I echo what Rex said. Honestly, think things over, it's usually 'us' that instigates an argument with loved ones so we can use that as an excuse for having a cig ! You made me start again!

That's where another dozen folk will come along and agree hopefuly!

You're doing so well Sammi, please don't blow this!

Fi x


I'll Paypal you the money for 10 fags if you can explain how smoking will make your boyfriend less of an "inconsiderate pig" and how you having a fag will change anything.

My money's safe ;)


Good answer and very witty Gem!

Fi x


Im one of the fallen that has come back.It has taken me 2 years to get a good quit going again and every day i get angry because i have been on this day before.

Dont give in because you will only be line me, cursing tbe fact that you have to go through all of this again.

Get through today sweet and you will never have to do this day again.

Lillie xx


How're you doing Sammi? Hanging in there?

I hope your day has improved and you stayed strong.

Sending chilled out vibes and hugs your way :)

Molly x


I go through this pretty often, especially when I'm at work. It's still somewhere in my head that I can go take a smoke break. But then I have to ask myself "Are you really just going to have this one smoke break?" The answer is always no.

So the question is, if you buy a packet of 10, will that be all you will smoke? How many will you smoke after this one packet? A days worth? a months? a year until your next quit?

Stay on the high road Sammi, the low road is longer and much nastier.

This is a normal process while quitting, every time you don't smoke during times of stress, your brain is breaking the connection between that trigger and nicotine. DO NOT GIVE IN!!! It will only strengthen the connection between emotional situations and nicotine.


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