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Advice on a product


Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of advice. I was looking online for a website that sold cheaper patched and I stumbled across this product:

Has anybody tried it? I have done a quick search and haven't seen a link. Also, do you think it can be used with patches? It seems to be natural and if it says that helps with stress, but what sold it for me is that it reduces food craving....too good to be true?

Thanks in advance!

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I've seen oats suggested before but I don't think that supplement going to do a lot for you.

Might be worth trying some porridge for breakfast and some multi vitamins.

Bananas and chocolate are feel good foods so they would probably do as much as that supplement.

Really there are no quick fix's when it comes to quitting, you just have to get your head around wanting to stop and let time do the healing for you.

The right metal attitude will do more for you than any pill or potion. Try to see quitting as a positive thing regaining health, wealth and control and let go of the idea that smoking is some kind of great pleasure or reward.


Thanks for your advice Nic, appreciated!:)


The right metal attitude will do more for you than any pill or potion.

Not enough people know this and no-one with any clout seems to be getting it across to the stinky masses.

There is a constant quest to seek out something that will allow a pain-free quit when it's somewhat ironic that the right mental attitude is the most pain-free quit imaginable!

Re the OP, I tried something similar in the late 80's. It was called Nicobrevin and has since been withdrawn in the UK as 'its risks outweighed its benefits'. There's a fair selection of new products that deserve the same ruling to be fair.

I quit for 18 months at that time. The Nicobrevin only helped in so far that the 28 day course was so expensive that it was that or fags and as we all know, "reach 28 days and you're five times more likely yadda yadda yadda... "

In reality I threw myself from the wagon at 18 months and got wrapped in the wheel spokes and then trampled by the horse following as I had a horrid, nasty, stressful day at work and 'knew' that a fag would ease my stress.

Yet another quit ruined 'cos I thought I knew why I smoked, thought I knew what smoking did for me yet in reality knew exactly nothing. Nothing except the rubbish I was lead to believe mind.

Baahhh! :)


Thanks, that is great advice! Better save the money and keep on going with the patches!


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