What products are you using?

Hi again everyone, Thanks for the great response to that last thread. If you didn't see the thread then take a look at forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/f... and leave your comments.

Quitting? or already Quit? What Nicotine Replacement products did you use?

Nicorette, NiQuitin or Nicotinell? Gum, Patches or the Inhalator? I want to get a vague idea of what is most effective.

Well done to everyone that has beaten the habit! I like forward to reading your views.

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  • Hi Danny you are starting to make me feel like a lab rat, or maybe you are spamming not sure which :D I appologise if neither but you are starting to ask questions as if you are doing a survey for a producer of NRT reassure me that you are not, thank you

  • What NRT replacement did I use and what are effective?

    I didn't use any on this occasion as I went CT. But on previous attempts I used patches and gum. They obviously weren't effective...but there are statistics available on the web to that effect. If you are a researcher you'll know that.

    Given that you are trying to research us...the numbers involved here don't necessarily make up a cohort in terms of a study group.

    What is your intent?

  • I am just looking into NRT products, not really a survey as such. I didn't know if this was not allowed on the forums? Sorry if so.

  • Hi Danny not that its not allowed just strange that it is all you keep asking, there are dozens of web sites out there that have oodles of info about NRT but maybe if you are struggling there is a better way of asking for support and the symptoms that some get, hope you are still doing ok with your quit and feeling good, see my link on sig better than any NRT I think, but that is only MY opinion LOL take care xxx

  • Hey Danny,

    You'd posted a few fact finding posts asking members what their experiences were. But you hadn't actually mentioned why you needed that information. You still haven't...we know you are looking in NRT products. But why? Are you planning on quitting smoking if you are a smoker, are you researching?

    Most folk are helpful and by being direct and open you may find that you'll get more information if you engage with the membership.


  • Just researching for myself, wanted to get details to see if the patches & gum's are actually successful.

  • Just researching for myself, wanted to get details to see if the patches & gum's are actually successful.

  • Thanks Danny,

    I wondered if it's more down to the individual...one persons meat is another's poison...so to speak.

    Are you hoping to quit smoking? Have you heard of other techniques? The issue of what vehicle to use in quitting is pretty big and personal too.

    There is more information available in the links in my sig but beware, one of the sites is pro-cold turkey. Wouldn't want you turned off inadvertently.

    So, are you quitting? How long have you smoked?


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