No Smoking Day
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yay hit 1 month!

Havent been around much since 2nd week but got to say its been fabulous!

Feels awesome to join the 1 month team! I have conquered so many things

1. I no longer crave nicotine

2. I can go out, drink, and not give in (must say crossed my mind "i'll just have one" thought popped in a few times but I told myself NO.

3. I have put on a bit of weight but now I am getting that under control

4. I have saved according to my app almost $400 (the things you can buy or money you can save a month!)

5. My clothes, my room, my bed, my car everything smells fresh

6. I feel free - I no longer have to feel paranoid about how I smell

7. My skin is improving, I feel more alive

8. Gums healed!

9. Food tastes AMAZING

10. It's made me want to look after my body like never before

Hope you all doing well! Can't wait to make it to 2 :D

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Wow, congratulations, that is a great achievement, I am dreaming of getting there and the points that you mention are a great encouragement to do it!


Well done well done !

You are WELL on your way thinking like that and you are half way there !

Only downside I can see is the weight gain.....but who can resist the wonderful flavours we have all been denied for so long.

It's nice feeling FRESH isn't it :-)


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