No Smoking Day
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Day 24

And the madness has subsided.

I feel so much calmer having the tank thingy to turn to if I get too stressed out. Ive dropped the mini tabs as Ive got the tank and Ive been looking on the net to see how many cigs equals the fluid. It seems that a full tank is about 20 cigs, so Ive filled the tank up once and haven't even used a quarter of it yet Im pleased with that.

Im also not getting the tar and rubbish that comes with a real one and Im not losing my temper.

Hopefully life will get back to normal now.

Im counting how many times I have to use the tank and Im going to cut down the nicotine strength every month.

At the end of the day Im not smoking real cigs and Im looking at the tank as nrt, and I don't care if people think Im cheating because Im no more cheating than someone using nrt.

Onwards and upwards from now on I hope.

Lillie xxx

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Hi Lillie

Well done you...quit by any means you can..that's the way I see it, its not cheating if it helps...Im using patches but used the vape thingy for the first few days but have hardly used it since it helps just knowing its there, but on the other hand dont want to use it to much as dont want to be addicted to it..xx


Agree, just use what helps you get there. I am using patches but keep everything in my handbag just in case, minis, inhalator and e-cig and although I haven't used them much, they got me out from some sticky situations!



:confused:I'm fairly new to the forum...what is the tank thingy? Sounds intriguing! Never heard of it before...

Sorry if it's a dumb question. :confused:


Its a shisha stick or as mine is called a photon tank.

Ive used mine because i dont think that prison orange is my colour and thats where i woukd end up if i didnt use something.

I dont see myself using this long term, but i will use it for as ling as it takes. If that makes sense.

anyhoo another day in the bag and to be honest i do feel like a bit if a cheat lol :o


Ah I see - electronic cigarettes then? I guess it doesnt matter what you use - cold turkey, will power, NRT as long as you don't smoke proper ciggies!!!



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