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Day 2 - being kind to myself

Hey Folk, So I was cold turkey all of yesterday and did not have a good morning this morning. I keep plunging myself into this pit of doom in which it just feels all to much! So i went up tescos and i bought some patches and some spray. So i am starting on the 14mg patch and having a squirt if i have a :eek: moment.

I REALLY want to beat this thing, i really do but maybe I have been being hard on myself doing it all cold turkey or die! Maybe i need a month or two on patches to adjust myself into a non smoking life. I know many of those on here have used all sorts of methods, and none are right or wrong, just right for the individual.

So I have set myself a target. Its 10 weeks (?) until Christmas. Lets see If i can make it till Christmas with this nice little patch on my arm and strictly no fags in my gob. :D xx

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Brilliant Nikki!

I think as long as we make it through this journey with whatever helps us is great as we're not smoking!

I to sometimes think I might take this patch of but at the end of the day it's getting me through and I'm not smoking so it will stay with me (and whatever else I need) until I'm ready!

This is the one for us Nikki :D


Thats it isnt it, As long as were not smoking why does it matter how? I think when the time comes to fly solo atleast we will have weeks or months behind us to help encourage us to keep going forward when times get tough.

defo going to be our quit for sure :D xx


Feel the same tried many times and many ways. Think I've finally found the one for me. Have decided that after Christmas am going to put my ciggy money on a jar the when there is enough treat me and the hubby to a city break abroad. I have my goal and he deserves a treat for standing by me. Lets see what day 3 has to offer:D


aww thats lovely debby! be a well deserved treat for both you :) xx


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