No Smoking Day
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Day 8 hip hip hurray!!

Hello day 8

So chuffed I've made it here again although for some reason I'm finding today a little difficult, nothing major though so I'm not fighting the craves but embracing them and talking them down. I will win, today I choose not to smoke!!

Hope your all well!

Really need to get back on track with weight watchers and start exercise but today I think I will have chilled day with my son and then treat myself to a takeaway later cos I deserve it lol!

So good to myself aren't i lol

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And so you should

How great you getting there, have what you want, enjoy you deserve it:p


I just posted in your day 7 message but I'm that proud of you I'll post it here as well. Well done you!!!


Posted in your other thread, then saw this. Very well done Mrs, knew you would do this!


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