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Suffering sooooo much

Hi all, nine weeks to day , dropped down to lowest patch strength yesterday morning, boy do I know about it, sooo snappy with oh, feel terrible cannot believe it, plus it's that small it keeps falling off, fuzzy head, been to the fair tonight, with family (live in Hull)great fair worse day ever in my quit,

NOT SURE I CAN just keep going on will it get worse?

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Honest answer. Just go back to the Pharmacist and ask if you can stay on the stronger patch for another few weeks, be honest with him/her how you're feeling. I quit using patches, and I stayed on Stage 1 for longer than the 6 weeks recommended. My chemist had absolutely had no probs with that. Then at the end of 3 months if I recollect, I paid for the extra lower dose patches for a few weeks.

Fi x


Hey Tracey I wish I could offer some useful advice but I have no experience with patches!! My instinct is to say "get rid of the thing, sounds like it's doing no good!" but that might not be wise, I would not be helping I suspect.

Please keep posting, there will be others like Fi who I'm sure can advise you better, just wanted to offer my rubbish support :o


Always helps

Thanks for responding, it really helps, yes might go see the doc about it, head so so fuzzy, and thanks mr angrybear, nice of you to take time out also to read and help, THANKYOU


9 weeks is fantastic! what the others say,...dont give in!...youll be gutted if you do, will get better


Hi Tracey,

I probably hit my lowest point at around week 7/8 and was really struggling. I eventually went and bought some smokes but, thankfully, talked myself out of it.

My advice is to battle through!! If you need stronger patches, get them. Do whatever it takes. Just remember that when you come through the other side and realise you haven't given in, you will be so proud! :D

Don't know where I'd be if I hadn't talked myself out of "just one cigarette" that day!


9 Weeks = Brilliant

Hi Tracy you are doing fantastic! Today you are suffering, and finding it tough, but to be brutally honest go to visit someone who is suffering from Cancer that once healthy person now reduced to a bag of bones and on the verge of death all because they smoked. They found it to tough to stop and are now paying the price so for the sake of your future heath tough it out and enjoy your life and the freedom being a non-smoker gives you.


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