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A New Day


So the tank thing is helping with the temper tantrums thank God.

I feel like Im cheating using this, but Im convincing myself that as Im not getting the tar and all the cancer causing chemicals that its ok to puff on. Ive ordered some medium strength liquid from tinternet and I have a plan, a cunning plan lol.

Im going to count the amount of puffs I have and reduce them on a weekly basis, hopefully I'll then come of the nicotine altogether, If anyone else has used an e cig or one of the tank things that I have it would be good to hear how you have cut them down to finally having nothing.

Anyway, again, thank you to everyone for your support the last few days. I still feel horrible about screeching like a banshee at my son, hes such a lovely lad he didn't deserve it and I hope and pray I never do it again.

Lillie xx

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Don't see it as cheating, its just a helping hand, and we all need a helping hand now and again.

I'm sure your son will understand, I would imagine a lot of us have acted in a similar way to people we love. I know I have during my quit.

Hope your feeling calmer and happier. xxx


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