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Day 4

Morning all - well I am pleased to report that day 4 has safely arrived.

The major downer from day 3 for me was a couple of unexpected (where TF did they come from expletives) which left my mouth last night after I'd asked one of my teenagers to do something for the umpteenth time :( ............. in a calmer moment later on I sat back and thought........... I definitely wouldn't have said those things in normal circumstances... so I was not impressed with myself for saying what I said.. but I did apologise and heard my own tell-tale words biting back at me! ('you shouldn't have said that Dad, you tell me not to swear and think about what I say before I say it' ETC ETC..

I hope the cravings ease off soon :cool:

Have a good day all.

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Good Morning, Hmmm, a few swear words slip out when you're fighting both the Nicdemon and stroppy teenagers, I would say give that Elp's a medal for not threatening to kill them whilst screaming at the highest pitch known to human kind. Don't you just love the retrospective wisdom teenagers deign to bestow upon us when they so rarely gain the upper hand, but do take note they use your phrasing to really press home the point. You are doing fantastically well and believe it or not you have got past the worst point, things will start getting easier but you won't really notice until it suddenly dawns on you that the incident which would normally have had you reaching for the stick of death or alternately wishing very painful things happen to certain individuals, just doesn't bother you that much. Keep strong and focused. By the way, I now have a stock of nonsense words that I use if people are really getting on my woogle - then I can actually insult them or let off steam to my hearts content and nobody is any the wiser, silly Bliffers. ;)


Wise words & thank you. I like the idea of nonsense words!

Strong cravings today but very slightly less frequently - so keeping myself very busy.

My teenagers will always test my patience (with or without smoking) so I guess I'll need to find a way of not flying off the handle quicker than usual!


....and you did not smoke, so well done :)


I really feel for you with the expletives thing. I was screaming at my son and telling his girlfriend not to step foot in my home again yesterday. I felt so awful, but its that damn demon doing this to us.

My son has forgiven me ( I think) and Im sure yours will too. There is no excuse for us taking it out on our loved ones and all we can do is grovel.

On a brighter note you are at day 4 ...woooohooo! how great do you feel? Well done!!

Lillie xx


Congratulations on Day 4!

I had to apologise to my husband quite a lot in the first month, he helped with my quit so much but I would still yell at him usually for no reason! That has now passed and it will for you too. It does tend to be your loved ones you take it out on, but it is those who will understand and forgive.


Hope you are nicely into Day 5 now, Elpres. Offspring, eh......:eek::D



Know how you feel. I have two teenagers 16 & 18, both of whom are always right, and how would I know, it's not like I've ever been a teenager��. I found that when they start I just say "oh, hold on a minute," walk away from them and then come back. They have forgotten what they were on about, and I haven't hit the kill button ��. Hope day 5 is a lot calmer for you. Just keep going your doing great ��


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