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Shinny hair and dandruff!


My hair is looking sooooooooo shinny it looks greasy (am washing it every day) and I now appear to have developed a really dry could go skiing on my shoulders at the moment!

Anyone else had this? Ive given up smoking for longer before and have never had it - with previous attempts I have always had some form of NRT so maybe that has something to do with it??????

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Poor you, I haven't had this but I'm wondering if the humidity could have something to do with it, in the summer I have to wash my hair everyday otherwise it looks like I haven't done it in weeks, the dandruff might be your scalp is very dry from shampooing every day :confused: Try looking up some home remedies, I used to get eczema on the scalp and a cup full of apple cider vinegar in the rinse water was like a miracle cure, the scalyness would clear up straight away and the acidity of the vinegar cut through the greasiness too, I just smelt like the local chippie:o Hope you sort it soon, there's nowt that can upset us ladies like a permanent bad hair day.;)


I didn't associate my NEW dandruff problem with giving up smoking, but yea I have a problem with mine now, and I haven't had any form of nicotine for over two weeks... I wonder is it a symptom.



If you have not suffered with this before? it is most deff the quit smoking.

Your body is recovering, that's every single cell. Hair, nails everything !

I didn't have problems with my hair, but my face broke out in spots and I never had that problem before.

Cider vinegar is a good remedy, although not personally used it but I have read about it. But have you tried Extra Virgin Olive oil. Before you wash your hair?

Google EVOO and read about dandruff.

Good Luck and well done :)


Washing your hair everyday might actually be contributing to the problem - once or twice a week is optimum and it means you're not putting scalp-drying shampoos and conditioners and whatnot on your hair every day. You produce your own conditioner from your scalp and your head might thank you for giving it some space to do its own thing :)


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