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Just one?


On Saturday it was a beautiful, warm, sunny Spring day and I took my motorbike for a nice run own to the ocean. After a couple of hours I stopped and went or a walk to stretch my legs, now in the past this is when I used to think I thoroughly enjoyed a smoke - I think wearing the bike leathers and smoking made me feel like a bad ass teenager again ha ha. Anyway I passed a shop and or a second I entertained the idea of buying a packet and heading down to the beach for just one smoke.

Quickly though I knew it wouldn't be one, it would be hundreds if not thousands, it wouldn't be sitting on a beautiful beach overlooking the ocean, I would be hanging about outside everywhere trying to get a fix, it would be stinking of smoke, feeling like sh@t and desperately wanting to stop. Faced with those thoughts it wasn't really that hard not to buy that packet....

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Max, that is progress, I agree. Thanks for the support again mate!!!

Fags are like wolves, they always come in packs!!

Well done for not caving :)

littering a pretty area after with my dog end.

And you a serving police officer :eek::eek::eek:

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