Day 11 and my new watch

Well here I am on day 11 still having the cravings and dreams but getting better..on my previous post I was going on about a £200 watch that I wanted well I saw a watch that looked exactly the same for £30 so had a word with myself, this watch is a fashion item it will be worn maybe once a fortnight and will be out of fashion by next year so guess what had the cheaper one there and then because I could and after nearly 2 weeks of not smoking thought I deserved it lol...I am now gonna pull my belt in and stop spending and save up for something significant....:cool:

Got a hard weekend coming up got a customer to do tomorrow who smokes my brand of menthol I always enjoy a fag and coffee with her and have failed a quit with her before so need to stay strong!!!...also out with the smokers again tomorrow night :eek:

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  • Congratulations on reaching day 11 andpossessing a new watch. When you see your customer tomorrow take a big breath in then try not to recoil as that foul stench reaches your brain !!! ;) You can so do this, a night out with the girls should be a doddle too, you've done it before when the cravings were stronger. You show that demon what you are made of :) One small step for man kind, a massive step for you :D

  • Hahahah...thanks jenninegs....the thought of the foul stench just turned my stomach lol I can almost smell it!!!.....xxxx

  • Congratulations on Day 11! :)

    Stay strong this weekend, remember we are all behind you.

  • Thank you

  • Keep it up Toyah!

  • Fanks

  • Well done on day 11 Toyah, you are doing so well keep at it.

    Ive bought myself one of those jars that counts the money as you put it in. Ive only had it 3 days and I am only putting round pounds in but in 3 days there is £33 in there. That's what I would have spent in the last 3 days.

    Lovely to see it mounting up.

    Lillie xxx

  • Blimey Lillie thats a lot £33 in 3 days...mine is £90 in 13 days and im putting mine in a see through container ...makes you wonder how we found the

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