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I couldn't wait, day 14 at last! The first day 14 for 2 years.

Ive just re read my post from when I started smoking again. It started with one, but I was never going to have another one. Well yeah that worked. I gave up twice more, never posting until I had a few days under my belt, thinking both times that this would be it, but knowing it wasnt. I wasted the time of the great people on here who kept supporting me.

Well here I am, the last day of my first two weeks. I cant begin to explain how good this feels. I feel as though I am back in that good place, I feel as proud as I did the first time. I feel strong and empowered.

I am still in the little flat I had to move into during my crisis, I got it furnished in double quick time so I didn't end up cooking over firewood in the garden. My little grandson is now 30months old and still the apple of my eye.

Since the episode with my **** of a brother life has been good, apart from the smoking and let me assure you I have hated every single one I have put in my mouth, but I just couldn't stop doing it. Then all of a sudden I said to my friend Im stopping tomorrow and I did.

My dad is so proud, he and I have rebuilt our relationship since the episode with before mentioned ****ty brother, we get on really well again.

I don't know whats different this time, its even different to when I made my last serious attempt. But whatever it is long may it last.

My gums are really sore, something I remember happening last time. I was told its something to do with the circulation returning, well it could return without being so sore.

Anyway as you can probably tell from my rambling, Im feeling quite euphoric.

I like this feeling :D:D:D:D

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Yeh!!! 2 weeks! well done you :D



Great feeling the 2 week mark, and how well your dong. Wending possative thoughts to you , here's to another smoke free day :):(:)


Well done Lillie, you really sound so positive this time! :)

Two weeks is a great marker so you enjoy the heck out of this achievement!

I'm sorry to hear that you have had a tough time of it recently, but it sounds as though you're at the other side and fighting strong.

Keep it up and love every moment. It gets better and better! :D



Its a trick I learned the last time. They are so hot I couldn't smoke a ciggie after one even if I wanted to.

They also mimic the nicotine lozenges and means I don't use them so much.



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