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6 Years Today, Happy Christmas and Me

Well I have had a lovely day so far and way too much dinner,and not enough pressies 😊 I hope you have all had a brilliant day as well and that your lack of cigs for those just setting out on the zero smoking road hasn't given you too much of a problem.

There might just be the odd one or two who recognize my name on here and will realize that I am today 6 years quit, doesn't even seem a distant memory now which is great,

So no matter how hard you think it will be to quit, its never going to be as bad or as hard as some of the horrendous scenarios smoking could leave you with.

2016 will be a good year to give the smoking habit up as its the first year of the rest of your life, what have you got too lose, nothing just lots to gain.

Really miss some of the amazing posts that seem to have dissapeared since the new system was installed.

Oh well you have to have change I'm told 😠

Enjoy the rest of your day and a Happy New Year to you all.

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Thanks for coming back 6 years after your quit and sharing your thoughts. Great to hear you don't miss smoking. Encouraging for all of us still years away from where you are. The message is clear, stick with it. Thanks, jamangie.


Thank you for your message, a very happy new year for you too!

2016 is going to the my first year as a non smoker too. I can't wait for it :)


Congratulations on reaching 6 years and thanks for coming back to share with us an honest, encouraging and positive post.


Excellent news to hear you're celebrating your sixth year now. I'm sure a lot of the people just starting out are encouraged when they read such stories. Have a Happy smoke-free New Year!!


Thank you all for your good wishes, and a Happy New Year to you all as well.

Well done Alex you are catching me up LOL x


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