9 Months Today


9 months quit today:). And I am feeling so chuffed, proud and absolutely fab, as are my family.

Why, why could I have not had this mindset at the rest of my many, many failed attempts, too numerous to mention:(

So, 3 months to go to till 9 Sept, the 1 year anniversary of my quit. (its also round about my daughters birthday). Why am I mentioning this, because when it reaches Claire's birthday on 5th Sept, it's then Christmas before you / we know it :):):):)

There, surely the first one to mention Christmas !!!

For those just setting out of this quit malarkey journey, please believe each and every one of us when we say it does get easier, and it is achievable.

I absolutely promise you that.

Fi x

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  • Congratulations Fi, you really deserve it. 3 months will be over in a flash

  • Ooh well done Fi, that's fab!!

    Soon be a whole year smoke free YAY

  • Hi Fi.

    Congratulations on reaching 9 months. So pleased for you.

    Love May x

  • Wow 9 months, congratulations Fi!

    how time flies when you realise it is fun when you quit (fun is defined as enjoyable which being a non-smoker is) Only 3 months to go for you...still in awe xxx

  • Hi Fi, I am so happy for you, congratulations. :)

    Wow 9 whole months, that is just awesome! Thank you for always being an inspiration, and for the numerous helpful posts.

    Best wishes,


  • Great going Fi, really happy for you, you're always there with encouragement and I can't wait to see you marking the one year anniversary at the end of a balmy summer. Great stuff! x

  • Congrats! That is really fantastic! Nearly in the penthouse - woohoo!!!:D

  • Many congratulations, 9 months is fab and the penthouse is now on the summer horizon !

    Donna x

  • Well done Fi :D So happy for you, 9 months is amazing :)

    Denise x

  • Great stuff!

    Well done Fi! Nine months is a serious amount of time and I reckon you have cracked it! :) You really deserve this quit you are so supportive and positive you are just fab!:)

  • Thanks so much everryone:)

    Fi x

  • Massive well done Fi, such a great achievement and you are so inspiring to me and others following in your footsteps. Not long to the penthouse!!!

    Karen x

  • Congrats Fi, 9 months is amazing, well done you - next stop the penthouse :D:D

  • Yay well done Fi. 9 months for me today too :)

    Keep strong all. x

  • Sorry I'm late but well done Fi, reaching the penthouse just isn't in question for you my love :D

    Molly x

  • Thanks everyone for all your encouragement and kind comments:).

    Fi x

  • Congratulations! Your post was just what I needed to read.

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