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Just Joined at Month 7

Hi everyone figured I would introduce myself I'm Gary from sunny Scotland I will be starting on month 7 of my quit from tomorrow, I used champix for the first few weeks of my quit then had to stop taking them as they didn't agree with me so I have been cold turkey since then.

I'm finally getting to a point where its getting easier and just taking it a day at a time.

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Welcome Gary, and well done on going 7 months, that's fab!!


Thanks for the welcome Gemma seems we quit at around the same time I was on 6th of dec 2012 so well done to you too


Hi Gary, well done for doing so well already! This forum is full of lovely friendly people with lots of good advice. As you have already made it 6 months I'm sure you will have lots of useful advice to pass on to us too!



The main advice I can give anyone is to try to learn to ignore that feeling of wanting one, Do that for long enough and somewhere down the line it changes to really not wanting one. Even long term quitters have occasional moments but the longer you are quit for the easier they are to handle.

Write down your reasons for stopping (DO NOT IGNORE THIS STAGE) as we progress through our quits we start to forget the reasons we quit to start with it is a natural process as we naturally don't want to remember bad stuff however this leads us to focusing more on that feeling of wanting one and pushing the reasons for quitting to start with out of our minds. Having a clearly written list of reasons you stopped even if they are really obvious really does focus the mind back to where it should be on your quit.

Getting on to this or other quit smoking forums and helping others that are having a tough time right now will also help a lot as you remind them they can do it you also remind yourself you can do it.


Hey Gary! Six month huh? Great stuff!

Interesting post, I haven't looked at my quit reasons for ages, more concerned with keeping the momentum going and getting on with stuff really, but a good tip if anyone ever questions their motivation for sure.

Well done on the quit so far, look forward to more of your posts soon!


I wish I'd kept a diary of the first few weeks. I tried to look at my first posts but they don't show. I remember my first 12 days were very easy and I couldn't believe it and then I had a catastrophe which cost me a lot of money so bought 2 packs and smoked them one after the other. I went back to day one the next day and it was so much harder. They say all quits are different and I'm sorry that I didn't hold onto the first one. All water under the bridge now because the last crave I had was in January when I was on holiday and that was due to new triggers. I know I've just had a couple of bad days but that was more, why do I bother. Glad I recovered :-) There are lots of other forums and I tried a few. This one is the best and I'm glad you found it.

Una also in Scotland


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