No Smoking Day
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Today is half a year since i threw my ciggys overboard! Time really does fly after the first few weeks.

Went on holiday to Costa Rica recently and must admit i had some strong cravings to smoke. Last year when i was there i was smoking like a chimney..wake up, smoke, surf, smoke, eat, smoke, nap, smoke, surf,smoke, dinner, smoke ect! :mad: Also as Kazzytee and Helsbelles mentioned there is just somthing about hot weather and smoking that go together! Never mind i didn't smoke, got over it and it really wasn't a big deal.

see u in 6 penthouse!! :D

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WOOHOO well done Chuurles :)


Great stuff Charlie!!! Well chuffed for you....6 months to go until you me and Lostie are in the Penthouse, then there will be big celebrations!!!


Wow Charlieeeeeeeee :D:D

You snuck up really quiet to this milestone didn't you!

I'm going to put a request for a beach with mega waves to be added onto the back of the Penthouse just for you! :D

Huge congrats Charlie, you are a star sweetie :)

Molly x


Chuurles! You dropped off the radar a bit there (maritime pun alert!)... I'm so glad you are still going strong.

Keep on sailing. Calm waters now!

H x


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