No Smoking Day
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Four months smoke free

Four months without smoking. It can be done. I am grateful for that inspirational thought that after the first 24 hours without a cigarette, voiced itself like some higher being over my head saying, “HAVE FAITH”. “O.k. I’ll give it a chance. I will trust your word rather than mine. “ (I was already on my way to the shop to get the cigs when I took a sec to stand still, ask and listen for the answer before proceeding to spoil the quit. The answer was this voice telling me to have faith).

I had decided to stop smoking even being completely hopeless and faithless, but after all, deep inside, I guess I never gave up on love, or maybe love never gave up on me! I guess the spirit doesn’t die and stays strong even when the soul is in despair, it simply goes unheard, but give it a chance to surface, and there it goes, taking you all the way through the impossible quit, the impossible dream. I am Italian, but this is one of my “American dreams” becoming true!

I am thankful for this and cross my fingers for you all, whatever the "stanza" you are in. You are all beautiful notes of an incredible song.

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