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10 months smoke-free

It was 10 month since I quit smoking yesterday, 4th of April. I think I am finally getting used to being quit as I don't always remember my quit-smoking anniversaries nowadays.

Every time I had a craving in past I'd say to myself "Just make it through the first year and if you STILL want to smoke then, go for it". Well, I am only 2 months shy of a whole year, so that's a bit scary now :) Gotta change the rhetoric!

Things are getting gradually better, but my opinion of cigarretes and smoking hasn't really changed much since I initially quit. In my case, that's both good and bad. Living in a country with most smokers per capita doesn't help either and sadly I stopped socializing with some of my friend who still smoke, not on purpose though. It just happened.

I am still not thrilled like many seem to be when they stop smoking, but I'd definitely feel worse if I still smoked. Not to mention all benefits of not-smoking that I now take for granted...

In conclusion, yes it's worth it and yes it does get better. Would it be better if we haven't started at all? Damn right, but since we can't time travel, quitting is the next best option! :)

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Oh yes the pent house is awaitng you, with all the bunting and cakes aplenty.

Isn't it amazing when you succeed, just fantastic , huge congrats, thanks for the update


I don't consider myself a success just yet, that'll happen when I finally realize that smoking didn't make me happy ;) but thanks for your support!


That's really interesting to hear, kacmins, thanks! (particularly as, when I saw the title of this thread, I thought it said '10 MINUTES smoke-free'!)

Congratulations on your ten months - I do hope you don't still want to smoke in two months time!


Thank you, well I'd be a fool to give up on quitting after being 1-year smoke-free, right!


That can be your new mantra!



10 months is great going. I use the same 1 year message to myself. I have heard some say that it's after 10 months when they felt different, a true ex smoker. Suppose it's different for everyone but for me your message is positive. I am only at 2 months and will happily take " yes it's worth it and yes it does get better" from someone who has made 10 months. Congratulations x


Thank you! I am not good at sounding positive, but it's definitely a good thing. Sometimes I don't think about cigarettes for an entire day, which is something I couldn't imagine at second month. You know what they say, it's easy to get use to the good stuff ;) Keep on going!


Hi Kacmins, pleased to see you are still here, our quit dates are very close. Well done on 10 months. I feel the same as you really, I mean I feel healthier (with the exception of the annoying catarrh issue), but I don't dislike the smell of smoking yet, I have mainly non/ex smoking friends but there are still a few smokers with whom I socialise, though I find myself trying to avoid it. I can't remember the last crave I had though so that's good. See you in the penthouse very soon :D


Thank you for sharing Nicky, it really means a lot. See you in the penthouse! :)


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