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preparing to give up - e cigs, help please

so here i am...........again. after a million and one attempts to give up in the past, some succesful for a few months, some unsuccesful.

i am 40, smoke between 5-10 a day and realise i am a habitual smoker. routine is what sets me smoking - the same point on the motorway i light up, the minute the phone rings i light up etc etc.

after a full MOT with my Doctor this week i realise i really do have to quit. no really lung damage as yet but i was read the riot act if i dont quit now.

my own reasons for quitting are far more about the social aspect - i simply hate being a smoker and hate the fact it controls my life not forgetting the smell etc.

i have bought a e cigarette which to be fair seems to be really good (when i can be motivated to use it). i dont really care about the fact that this will just continue the nicotine addiction (for now, i can address that later).

my question - i have heard about the "proper" e cigs that you buy fuel (or whatever its called) but there are so many different types out there. can anyone recommend one?

many thanks

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Hi there, I am also using e-cigs right now and they are working brilliantly for me as I don't over-use them. Mine are Mirage Goldstar and I got them online. They are working well for me and are only costing me £2-£3 a week in cartridges (after the initial spend of £20 to get the kit) - because I don't feel the need to use them much.

I would be interested to hear how you get on. I have reached 5 weeks today without too much hassle.

Good luck!!



Fantastic - thanks Sarah. Will have a look for them online -too many choices (or maybe too many excuses to delay the inevitable!!)

Well done on your FANTASTIC 5 weeks - its really really encouraging to see people on here that have cracked it. I think sometimes I think i am the only person in the world facing this addiction!


I think that's why this forum is so good - there is always someone a few steps ahead of you, which is very encouraging. And there is always someone a few steps behind you who really needs your help - which is also very helpful in your own quit as it reinforces your own reasons for quitting.

I use that particular brand of e- cig only because I saw someone using one at a train station and I asked her if it worked. She told me it was working for her (and she had smoked for over 40 years) so I asked her where she got it and what make it was and the rest is history... If you order them tomorrow it will probably be with you by Wednesday - they are very quick


I had vapourlites and you can reduce the cartridges to zero nicotine.


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