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Bear with me.

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

I rarely post now but wanted to post this for anybody about to or currently going through a stressful situation, in the hope at least you will realise your situation is probably not as bad as mine

I quit in September last year and since then :

My youngest son 5 has been admitted to hospital twice for viral induced wheeze

My dad was admitted to hospital 2 days before Hogmanay with pneumonia

I have been at risk of redundancy twice

Last night in a surprise news my mum (age 60) was found dead.

I will not smoke, when it is my time I would rather die not a junkie that a junkie. At first these things took me by surprise and I craved badly... Now I am a tower of strength... I will win this war.

I am not looking to get any sympathy... I am looking to help strengthen anybody else hitting a stressful patch. Smoking or not from me everybody is now fine with the exception of my mum.. Who I now must bury, way too early and largely related to being a junkie... A path I choose not to travel...

Keep not smoking folks.


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Paul, I don't know what to say but I admire your integrity and resolve a true strength in character - there is no going back. My thoughts are with you x

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

You are right smoking never helps, the trials that life throw at you are unchanged. Sounds like you have had a heck of a time.

My deepest sympathy on the death of your mother 60 is no age.

I am actually quite speechless. Your post has evoked so many emotions. I am so sorry for your loss and I truly admire your strength at this difficult time.

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.

My thoughts are with you and your family


My sympathies to you Paul, I'm so sorry about your mum.

You're right - reaching for a cig in these circumstances wouldn't - couldn't - help with any of your troubles.

I found that sudden loss of a loved one actually made me less inclined to smoke, because it was a stark reminder of how precious life is, and how foolish we've been to gamble with our health for so long.

Sending a prayer up for you and yours at this sad and difficult time. Stay strong.


Missed this one Popo, hope you're coping still, I'm sure you are. Inspirational post all the same, take care ;)

Popo725 Years Smoke Free


Of course I am coping fine. Up late typing eulogy... Smoking has never been a consideration matey...

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes and thoughts.... I have a great lot in life in general and just get on with it... My family takes up all my time when I'm not working and my running and I have a sunny disposition but the last 8 months it is getting beyond ridiculous..... I know it is not humorous but it is becoming a bit of a comedy (in the Shakespearean sense) and I'm beginning to brace myself at every door knock or phone call...

This will all come to pass and a fag won't actually make a blind bit of difference as to when or how it will pass, that the truth of it.


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