No Smoking Day
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Day 1 Tomorrow


I'm back, I knew I would be, just wasn't sure when :(

Just smoked my last cig, in the last 3 weeks I have tried lozenges on their own along with will power...................just didn't work for me and as some of you may remember the patches caused a nasty skin reaction (which is a bugger because I was doing so well). So now its lozenges and the E-Cig, I know several of you dont like the E-Cig but I need to try something.

See you all tomorrow when i have got over day 1 :D


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hi Amanda, so good to see you back again, you just do what you need to hun, no one can tell you how to quit, it is your quit. Just remember we are all here xxx



Thanks Trea and Kat

I'll be here tomorrow, probably all day lol.



Hey Amanda, welcome back!!

The good news is that you're back here. Doesn't matter how you're doing it, as long as you're doing it!! :D xxx


Aha it's great to see you back on board Amanda :D

Really lean on us for support this time eh and no falling off that wagon ;)

I will give it my all, If I can manage this quit while everything else around me is falling apart then I can do anything ha ha ha


patches and skin reaction

Hello Amanda sorry to hear about your reaction to the patches. Would it be possible for you to try another manufacture? I fully appreciate this an expensive long shot but possibly worth a try as you mention that you were coping quite well using the N.R.T. apart from the skin reaction. Whatever you do best of luck with your quit.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glasgow


Good luck Amanda!! The e-cigs are working for me! I can't use patches either as they give me a rash but the e-cig is much better for me. I only plan on using it for 2 more months but will be on the nicotine free cartridges in 1 month (if all goes to plan).

Different methods work for different people, but the main thing is to be in the right frame of mind.



Again, Wishingbyounall the love and strength in the world as you embark on this quitting malarkey. Well done for giving it another go, learn from how you've felt this past wee while.

Take good care of yourself, baby steps, lots of longs glasses of iced water, (this can be G and T much later) and lots of baths and showers to cleanse yourself inside and out.

Fi x


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