No Smoking Day
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I have been using this forum for a while and now have decided to post - Hello everyone :D

My first quit lasted a week - succumbed to the demon last Friday when I went for drinks with work colleagues :( - only had two but felt I had let myself down so chucked the rest away on my walk home.

So this is my fourth day, went for a few drinks last night and resisted, but woke up this morning with a sore throat, the kind you usually get after a night on the fags??? It's almost like my body was anticipating me smoking and has given me a sore throat as punnishment lol :confused:

Hope everyone else is having a smooth ride.

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Thanks Kat, Ive seen your posts on here, always full of positivity :)

Im going cold turkey, I feel there is no other way, I've 'only' smoked for five years so think my body can handle it more than longer term smokers, watch this space!

Congrats on your lengthy quit, that's awesome.:p


Hey Optimop, welcome to the forum, sounds like you've got your head in the right place to quit. I know exactly what you mean about the smoking hangover - I used to get them after I quit, so unfair when I'd not touched one for so long!!!


Thanks guys, you all have been quit for so long:eek:

Inspiration you are :D


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