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My friend's younger Sister and smoking.....



I have nothing better to do, so I want to share a story about my friend's younger sister and her smoking. I will then end the story with a few things to think about.

So here's what I have to say. My friends younger sister is a very heavy smoker and drinker. She is only 1 or maybe 2 years younger then me but she smokes like crazy, and drinks alcohol like its going out of style. If you want to talk about chain smoker and alcoholic her name will be the first on the list. I am not close to her or really ever talk to her other then the occasional greeting of "hi" and "bye". I would never think a person that does this much smoking or drinking can stop, but how wrong I am....

Getting to the main point of this story....she has two healthy sons. What amazed me the most about her is as much smoking and drinking she did prior to having her kids she quit as soon as she knew she was pregnant. Nothing in this world could get her to stop smoking or drinking but right when she knew she was pregnant nothing could get her to pick up a cig or drink a sip of alcohol. She has two sons and cold turkey twice for 9 months for the health of her children without thinking twice during her time of pregnancy. Of course after having her kid she would always smoke and drink again, and even today she has gone back to her old ways.

I guess the whole point I am trying to make is if you really want to stop smoking you can. I go through many post on here and I always see people crediting patched, gum, pills, Allen Carr's book for quitting. It hurts when I see people giving more credit to things that help them quit instead of crediting themselves for the fact they wanted and was going to quit regarless. Reality is people who quit stop because they want to, they realize their health is in danger. Even when a person relapse they feel bad about it then they keep trying and trying. Some succeed right away, some succeed after several attempts, and some can't seem to kick the habit. But when it all comes down to it, its all you! It not about the patches, gum, a book, pill. All these things just reinforces the fact you are and will quit regardless anyway!

The only thing I admit other then sheer determination that has helped me stop smoking is this forum. PERIOD! Why? Because the last thing you want is letting yourself and the people that are encouraging and cheering you on each time you hit certain times of your quit down. The thought of disappointing is a powerful thing! This forum is filled with like-minded people with one goal. Quitting!

Since you are reading this take the next step and quit! Just stop smoking and stick to this forum. People are here to help you. If you think pills, gum, patches, a book or whatever will help you quit then go stock up! But once you get to certain mile stones like 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, months, or the main goal (the penthouse) credit yourself and your determination for quitting!

The fact you are here is because you want and decided to quit, so let the journey begin!

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