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Almost my 5th month - a small miracle but how do I cope with stress now?


Cant believe it, this forum really helped me in those very early days, still have cravings but only when I am stressed, which at the moment is often. I didnt really think about anything other than stoppping, and I didnt expect to have to learn to deal with stress in a different way.

I am thinking of rearranging what I do so that my stress levels reduce a bit.

thought of meditation and maybe just taking quality time out.

Anyone any other suggestions, I have black shadows under my eyes, it looks dreadful. This must happen to lots of people - regardless though I will never smoke again.

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Ooh hi Rainbowpot, haven't seen you for ages!!

Glad you're still smoke free, well done!! :)

Um, for the stress I'd avoid it as much as poss obviously but when you can't, chew gum if it helps, take a breather and if you need extra help use Rescue remedy - it really does help and the gum's tasty!!



Yes I too lose my rag - my poor poor daughter!! Lost it on her allotment the other week.

Yes will carry rescue remedy around with me - good idea



I've got three vials of it - one in my desk drawer, one in my bag and one at home! I've been using it for anxiety rather than stress but it should do for either! It may not work for you but I've found when I'm getting more and more het up and would've gone out for a ciggie to calm down before it helps if I still go out and take those same large intakes of breath that I would have done if I were smoking. Sounds barmy but it seems to help - just that time out and the focussing on breathing brings me down somehow.

Nearly five months rainbowpot, that's AWESOME!!! Hope you're suitably chuffed with yourself that's a huge achievement!!!:D:D:D

It makes sense really Kat :)

Nicotine didn't calm us down - it's a stimulant why would it?

What *did* calm us down was taking 5 or 10 minutes out to have a fag or 2 (did that more than I want to admit) and get away from what/who was bugging us!! Going off and doing some deep breathing does the same job but without the tarry stinky ickiness!!

And the RR is good stuff too :D


I find a simple walk to be lovely. You get away from all that is causing the stress and it really clears the head. If I am feeling particularly frustrated then I will jog or walk briskly until I feel worn out. It works wonders and I has made me start to crave the walks/jogs. Walking is my new smoking and it is sooooo much more satisfying.


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