No Smoking Day
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Last day!

I quit on April 15 so today would be 1 full month since I quit. I decided to treat myself to an extra mile of jogging to my daily 4 miles. Today not only marked a full month of no smoking, but it also was the first time I have ever jogged 5 miles straight without stopping! WOOT!

As an extra bonus after my jog, I got a Haircut :)

Picture Attached!

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And a very nice haircut it is too Kub:) You are doing so well in your quit, well done my love :)

Loving your enthusiasm on here, I think you'll be a great asset to the Forum!

Fi x


Well done Kub! You are such a happy chappie, it brightens the day!!! :D:D:D


Thank you, thank you =)


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