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No Smoking Day
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Last Day Today

Hi all,

I'm a new member and am aiming for today to be my last day!

Anyone got any tips on how to get my head round to it? I'm just feeling as if 'it's not happening to me'.

Am dreading the cravings, doing mictrotabs and inhalator..........wish I could fast forward to 3 months time.........

3rd quit attempt, last one left smoking in the family.......HAVE to do it this time.

Any tips greatfully received!


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Hi Robert thanks for your reply.

I've tried patches, inhalator, champix - all failed miserably. Only time I was successful was going cold turkey when pregnant with my daughter.

Wish I could go cold turkey as worrying about coming off NRT, going to the local nhs stop smoking support group. Going to use microtabs and inhalator. Been reading a link I saw on one of the posts about the actual hardest part being the fear of how you are going to cope without smoking, that's me 100%

Just have to jump in with both feet and find ways to cope........

Congrats to you too for giving up again. Here's to the LAST attempt for both of us.


1 day to go until D-Day :eek:


Jane, I agree it is the fear of somehow managing to cope without a fag that is the hardest. But you are giving nothing up, you are simply not going to smoke. You can go all night without smoking so it can't be that bad.

Within a few days you will be recovered from the nicotine, then it's all in the mind.

Very best of luck.

You have to really want to do this and you will succeed.

If you want to do it badly enough you will easily overcome this dreadful habit.



Thanks, my sister is 2 weeks into quitting with Champix and she's doing really well. She reckons it's the easiest way she's tried so far. I took champux last year and had horrendous side effects so won't go back there unless extremely desperate!

Good luck again



good luck jane,, i hope you have the family to support you

your half-way there just making the decision to quit.

best of luck, and keep in touch.:)


Hi Jane

Welcome to the site and congrats on you desision to quit. The only advice I can give is take it a bit at a time. i fined if i worry about not smoking it makes it much worse. All my family smoke since i quithave avoided going to visit them (sad) but when i do go its not half as bad as i thought. Good Luck Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx


hi jane the only thing i can say is take it one day at a time it worth it good luck


hi jane,

I'm a serial quitter too and my downfall has always been the fear of not smoking,

having smoked just about my whole life!!

Just started taking champix so my (latest)quit date is 1/4..

My suggestion would be to read as much about it as you can - on this

forum (not just the early days but later posts as well so you know what

may be coming your way) and books and web sites - lots of both recommended

on this forum..

BUT you really have to WANT quit for yourself, not anyone else..

Loads of luck for your quit..:D



Thanks for your kind replies.

I am lucky to have a supportive family, both my parents smoked for years and both gave up with Zyban, as I said b4 my sis is on champix at the moment, so just me going NRT route!

I REALLY want to do it this time, my hubby has never smoked and it's hard to explain to him how difficult it is even setting a date, he thinks I should just get on with it and it's as simple as that!

Glad to have found this place full of people who know exactly what I'm going to go through!:)

Thanks again and I'll be on here regulary believe me! Well done to you all for your quits ;)



hi jane,

just found this list of web sites on another thread - hope they're of help..




I've looked at the first two, certainly helpful..

good luck



Jane, i;m on day 6

day 1 - 4 are not easy but now i'm through them i feel a lot better.

today driving in my car, observing people smoking on the streets or smoking in their cars i felt great that i am no longer a smoker. I feel free.

don't get me wrong i still think about cigarettes all the time and am still craving occasionally, hope one day soon they will be off my mind.

use the links, get through the days minute by minute, hour by hour.

it can be done, you won't regret it.



You are not giving anything up. In fact you are learning a new skill - how to enjoy yourself and be happy and relaxed without smoking. Think back to a time when you didn't smoke. There must be one - we're not born with a fag in our mouths. Were you any unhappier than you are with a ciggie. Doubtful. See it as a challenge. I found watching people dissapear off these threads as they cave in quite useful as it brought out the competitive side of me.

Come back often - I go online here nearly everytime I wanted a ciggie. It really help. Even if you just type in " I really want a fag" you'll get a good telling off from everyone and lots of help.

Also, think of the money you'll be saving. That is my main incentive. Think what you'll spend it on at the end of week 1. It really helped me looking forward to a minor blow out as a reward.

You can do it! It's not brain surgery it's just stopping doing something. How easy is that!


Go for it Jane - we are all behind you 100%:)


Hello All,

Well I'm sat here, plastic fag hanging out of my mouth, attractive I'm telling you BUT I DID IT, not smoked since last night. Dealing with the cravings OK, not toooo dreadful but I'm under no illusions and know they will get worse!

OK so has anyone used the microtabs? Having a few issues with them, my tongue is really sore - only used about 6 tabs so far. Also getting bad dizzy spells and shaking, is that the tabs or generally giving up smoking? Also thy tend to stay under my tongue for over 30 mins, is this right?

Anyway, stay strong all and I'll bbl



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