No Smoking Day
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Wow, day 12!

Guess I made it another day. Had horrible pain again last night, so slet minimally once again. Have to say, Thursdays 5 hours of sleep really helped.

Just got back from x-rays for my 6 week follow up X-rays. The report says everything seems like the operation was a success, but it also noted that my spine is curving to the left. Now I know my spine has always been straight. It bothered me, so when I got home I looked at the X-rays taken on the day of the operation, just before I went into theatre. On those x-rays my spine is still straight! How is that possible? Within 6 weeks from straight to s-curve, with a backbrace on 24hours.

Well, I will ask the doc on Tuesday. In the mean time I am taking baby steps, like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

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