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A Miracle to help you quit

Hey everyone, the title was more for your attention:D but for me it is a miracle.

Some videos scare you online, like the quit smoking commericials but for me these two videos were looking at people smoking like 'you idiot'! and it really made me feel like that 13 year old girl again who found it all very baffling! (which i think is where we all want to be again am i right?)

There are two videos on youtube that are brilliant for highlighting actually how ridiculous smoking is! they are documentaries that are approx 50 mins long each but please have a little watch. They are actually supposed to be educational, typically something that would have been played in school science lesson, but i found them very motivating:


So anyways, After watching the first one i didnt want to smoke last night. I dont know why out of habbit i bought a packet of fags at 1pm today while paying for milk, i had two and just gave the packet away i didnt want them and wasnt bothered about wasting them (usualy im like oh no must finish the packet before i quit). I found the second video just to give me that boost of yes im doing the right thing. Good luck please watch them im sure you will feel the same after and it will help you be HAPPY in your quit.

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Hi Nikki,

Thanks for the video, very powerful stuff and I am sure there are lots of these on YouTube - have you ever visited whyquit which gives graphic details of the terrible consequences of smoking? Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think diseases from smoking only happen to middle aged or older people but the stories told are definitely a wake up call .......

I know that there are lots of very young people on this forum who have made the great choice to quit and I applaud their common sense! It is also great that they offer their support to everyone else ...


Yea i have read the stories on.whyquit. Brian lee curtis story was one that actualy made me.cry thinking what people do. Its very important that people see why they need to quit i think.and.unfortunately the people that help do that that had to learn the hard way.


I watched the Horizon episode and it was more like a period drama than a documentary - 1980 film, so 33 years old - and how attitudes have changed:eek:


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