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Near disaster


Hi all, well as I said a near disaster. As some will know I recently bought a wheelchair accessible car to transport my wife who is severely disabled. Last week it broke down which is a disaster if you are transporting a disabled person. Well I almost smoked on that occasion , but got through it smoke free.

Well today the same thing happened and there we were stranded. To cut a long story short we managed to get home . My wife who quit smoking at the same time as me was so traumatised that she begged me to get her some ciggies which I reluctantly did. I've since had to watch her smoke and fill the room with smoke. God it was so hard not to give in, but I kept reciting a mantra. ( I WILL. NOT SMOKE.. I am a NON SMOKER... I DO NOT SMOKE). And so far I have NOT smoked. Funny thing is I really did not want to smoke. 2 hrs to go before bedtime and I know I will not smoke. It's a miracle made possible by you guys here so Thankyou. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will still be a non smoker. Fingers crossed . Love Jonno

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