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Joined today!!!


Just joined the forum today although today is my 26th day not smoking. I am using Chamix which has been a godsend! I certainly could not have achieved this without it. I have had the usual side effects, nausea and sleeplessness but I just have to persevere if I want to quit this thing!!!:p. Smoked about 10 cigarettes for neigh on 40 years .....

Jess x

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Hello Jess, welcome to the forum and well done on being quit for nearly a month!! That's a fab start :)

There's a lot of people here who have quit with Champix, so they'll be able to help with any questions you might have and everyone will support you and cheer you on!!

Gemma xx


Hi Gemma and Max

Many thanks for the support, it really helps! :p


The support definitely does help :) and very well done for getting so far.


Thanks Ash and Kat

I will take your advice Kat re taking the Champix tab during meal and not after, I'll try anything to stop the sickly feeling! The funny thing is it is not every day?

This is really the first time I have actually seriously decided to stop and I am determined (although I know I mustn't become complacent). The cessation nurse recommended that you should complete the three month course. I know friends who have thought that they didn't need to take them after say a month and unfortunately they have gone back to smoking.

Again many thanks for your advice and support.



Hi Jess and congrats on almost a month :D


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