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8 weeks today so I can join month 3 :)

Hello there. I hit 8 weeks

No smoking and so am now entering month 3!! So happy as this is my longest ever quit and is still goin well. Asides cold turkey, this forum is keeping me going together with my refusal to go back to day 1!! I never want to go back there. My next goal is to get to 100 days.

Hope everyone is having a good smoke free 2014.

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Me too, 61 days, 2 months today :-)))

Well done chap!

Let's jump into month 3 with huge pride.



Well done tangled. We both quit very close times to each other. congratulations so far and we will be in the penthouse before year end!



How's it been for you so far??

I've put on about 1000 lbs as I could eat a scabby donkey!

BUT feeling good!

Had my struggles - incl tonight but generally feeling strong.

This forum has been my life saver and constant distraction.

Helps to know I'm not alone.



Hey tangled. I just added another post which turned a bit into war and peace haha. Yes I have had my struggles and found I replaced cigs with eating more, especially over Christmas. But I am now determined to keep this going and refuse to go back to square one. Keep going, it is so worth it!


Thanks kat for words of support. Yes feels great to hit another milestone


I look forward to when I don't even think about smoking. Will be a huge breakthrough. I had to break a lot of routines (cig after breakfast, cig before work, multiple cig break etc). But I am getting used to the new routines. What I like is that I now automatically walk to the office from station without even thinking to light up. So it is all going in the right direction.


Many congratulations Woody :D

I'm really pleased for you and hope you're very proud of yourself. 8 weeks is a fantastic achievement :D


Thanks skiddaw. Congratulations on your lengthy quit too. I think it's really helpful knowing we quit at similar times so we both know what we are going through.


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