No Smoking Day
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How did you know you had cracked it?

I think today I realised I am officially a non smoker and always will be, despite giving up before and caving in on a number of occasions, for whatever reason this has been easier (marginally) but very much more final in my head.

It was today, day 103 that I realised there is no going back. I had one of THOSE days, you name it - it went wrong. Animals seriously ill, friends funeral, smashed iPhone, smashed favourite crockery, got zapped speeding, burnt hand, fell over, stubbed toe, spilt paint on carpet, burnt friends birthday cake. All small things but added together well if I have cried three times today I have cried thirty!!

At one point someone offered me a cigarette saying 'you need this' and wow it never crossed my mind to take it!? No I didn't need it, what good would it do? Start another disastrous chain reaction? That is smoking again? All the other crap will still be there. It wasn't even tempting!!

Wow, I think I am free!!

Hope everyone else is enjoying these eureka moments!!

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The is how it really hit me too!! I had a rotten day. Every moment was filled with things going bonkers and I still didn't smoke. I finally "came out" to my family that I had quit. My mum and dad smokes and I didn't tell them because I really wanted to be sure. Once I got just past 2 months I started telling everyone. It was shortly after my really bad day. I told the lady at my shop, my family and even random people on the street! LOL. I own my quit now and I love it!


TVH, I love this post & you should be feeling really proud of yourself :)

I felt i'd cracked it on Thursday... For those who don't know, my son has been in hospital for 9 months, he has serious mental health problems & he's only 24... I visit my son 2-3 times a week & always leave in tears & have a bit of a 'wish I could have a fag' moment... but on Thursday I still felt sad when I left but having a smoke didn't even cross my mind & I only realised later on :)

I've finally realised that no matter how stressful the situation is, smoking will never make my problems go away & what was once my friend is now just a distant enemy that I will never be friends with again...

Can't believe i'm only 12 days away from 4 months, this time I know I will never touch a filthy cigarette again :)

Denise x