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Good evening Folks,

I may have mentioned before that when I first found this forum I read a lot of outstanding posts that really helped me understand my addiction and what was happening to me. I thought it would be a good idea to link some of them in the hopes that they help and inspire others the way they did me in those early days (and continue to do so).

The posts linked below hardly begin to even scratch the surface of the amazing stuff that has been written on this forum over the years. If you like what you read then there is so much more just waiting to be found.

I am no good with words of inspiration so let this be my contribution to this wonderful wonderful forum:-

Here's what I'm giving up - Helbelles

It does get better - Austin

To all new members - TKD John

The Nicodemon - Catwoman

A Quitting Smoking race of many milestones - Jase180709

Do we need reasons - Austin

So you decided to quit smoking - StuartH

The Sméagol & Gollum in me - Jase180709

Thought of the day - Austin

A reply to a new quitter - Austin

Tempted to start again? - Juju

Day 454 - Helbelles

Depression - Bellablue13

Hello New Room - NicFirth

Trust Yourself - StuartH

In times of desperation - Barney

Losing the excitement -NicFirth

Craves and why you feel so bad - Bellablue13

If you feel your quit is weakening - Catwoman

Devil's Advocate - Catwoman

Lost your quit - StuartH

Smokers who claim to be fit as a fiddle - NicFirth

6 months done - my smoking diary - Atomic Guy

One Mans Story - An Egg Is An Egg

Obligatory One Year Address - NicFirth

The post I never thought I'd make - Helbelles

The big 1 year post - StuartH

Nifty's One Year Post

I need help to quit smoking..Badly!

Hawkeye's One Year Post

Kat73's One Year Post

I hope you like :D

Molly x

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Slightly embarrassing to see my name referred to amongst all these greats and in such a way, but thank you. These other quitters are what made my quit and its right to see their posts bought back up for others to read and be inspired by.

So good of you, Molly - thank you.


Thanks Molly...these were the kind of posts I was referring to in a recent post of mine, thanks for re-bumping them up. They really helped me when I originally quit too.

Cheers again.

Lisa xx


Thanks Lisa, I just wanted these posts to be recognised. The people that wrote them didn't have to and I'm just really grateful that they did.

I take it you are too :)


Thank's for taking the time to collect these threads together all in one place, there have been many calls to "stick" several of these threads.

I think it would be better to stick your post and suggest that if others have found posts which inspire them then they can be added too.


As we are getting some new members joining our ranks im bumping this up as there is some really good links to threads that you can read to help

1 to motivate you and 2 help distract your mind when your having a crave :)

i look forward to reading your stories as you progress on your journey to freedom



Excellent posts!

The smokers vow from juju what exactly what i needed to read,

This nicotine demon sure is a tricky fella! I'm cold turkey so apparently at day six he is long gone but somehow he is still talking to me, in a soothing voice, telling me to rejoin him and everything will be okay!

I ain't your fool no more (Mr T voice for this line i think)



Well, I wanted to add Nifty (Greg's) post to the library so it doesn't get lost because I think it's such a good post for newbies to read. So let's see if I can remember how to do it :D

Nifty's One Year Post

A Ha! :D

Molly x


A beauty of Helen's that I don't think made the first list.

I need help to quit smoking..Badly!



I just had to add this one

Hello again folks,

I just had to add this one. It is a post full of common sense, straight forward thinking and shows eloquently that it CAN be done. Again, congratulations Hawkeye.

Hawkeye's One Year Post

Molly x

Ps, I would be grateful if a Moderator (being the stars that you are :D) could add this to the first post? Also, Austin linked a post of Helen's above which is brilliant, I don't know if he would want to but it would be fab if that could be added to the first post as well, then they're all at the top? :)


Hi, I just wanted to bump this, as much for me, there is some truly inspirational stuff linked within the first post, well worth a read, be it for starting, bolstering or maintaining your quit. All written by folk that have taken their time to share their experiences of their sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth quits.

Please feel free to add to it, there is so very many fantastic posts.



Ooo lovely...I am a newbie here and think it's fabulous of you all to have posted these...will be working my way through them with gusto! Thank you!


Wow this is a great post I will certainly be referring to it a lot the next few days for added support thank you



Just wanted to bump this one. There's some really inspirational posts on here written by people that have walked away from smoking. Well worth a read.

Also, if anyone has found a post that should be added, please feel free. It's all there to help anyone struggling or thinking about taking that first step on the road to freedom.

Many thanks



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