No Smoking Day
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3rd day without a cigarette, with the help from my little pal champix

Dear All

My first full day now without a cigarette:D

Champix has supported me.....

It has not been easy and last night it was so very temting to light up, but I did not do it :) It would have been pointless anyway as the smokes were just so empty.

Anyway went for my repeat prescription from the 'No smoking nurse' she measured my carbon monoxide levels......they are now 0%

Things can only get better!!

My very best wishes to you all

Heather xx

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wow it's my 3rd day without a smoke not my first !!!! :D


Hi Heather :D

Well doneon your 3rd day smoke free that's great

That Carbo thing was really good


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Heather,

Wow you forgot you were on day 3, surely it doesn't get any better than that, i am still counting min and hours and i am on day 5.

well done, and choose not to smoke today.


Yup Well done Heather! Over the "three day hump" and barely noticed it!

Congrats and the best of luck in the days to come.



Well done Heather!

Fantastic job! Well done you. :D


well done Heather see you on day 4



thank you all

I am having a grumpy miserable need a smoke so bad day today

But I will not let that monster win over me


well done heather

hi heather

a big well done on youre quit, 4 days now youre doing very well.. just say to yourself "im just not smoking for today", thats what i did early in quit & it helped in a small way coz i took the pressure away a bit & it didnt feel as much of a mountain to climb & how quickly a day goes x keep going heather almost on day 5 brilliant :)


Well done!

Hi Heather,

Deffo well done on getting this far - that's really good!

Everything you are feeling is natural and we've all been/are going through it - just keep doing what you are doing and remember how hard you have worked to get this far.

Onwards and upwards!



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