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day 12



so thought i would just post to write my thoughts, as i find it helps to look back as well further down the quit road.

Today i thought about fags the most out of my quit. I think because my Jaw is alot better and i am able to eat more and more so my jaw is getting physically easier to have a fag as the cutts have healed now. as i quit Cold turkey i am nicotine free so the cravings arent intense anymore they are more of a want, like when a kid really wants a toy in the store and mum says no lol :cool:

According to allen carr, the nicotine monster dies after 3 weeks of being nicotine free, so i tell myself lets find out if this is true! and theres only one wya to do that and that is to stay nicotine free!!

day 13 tomorrow. no biggy.

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